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As music educators, band directors, administrators and parents plan for an eventual return to school, unsure of what music classes and rehearsal spaces will look like, USBands wanted to share some resources we think will be helpful as you prepare for the summer and fall.

While at this time it appears as if music education will return on a state by state, if not a district by district basis, we hope these resources will provide some guidance in preparing your music program for the eventual return to music making.

We will be updating these resources as we receive them from the leading advocates for musc education in the nation.

*American Bandmasters Association Student Safety & Music Program Continuation Ideas for Consideration…/1vqF_PRRU-RKybJngCKlLNgtzI…/view…

While our hearts and minds are with everyone in this time of crisis and uncertainty, USBands understands there will be a light at the end of the tunnel and believes that light will bring with it the joy of music played by young people across our communities and around our nation. When we are once again able to assemble, many things will be different, but USBands will stand ready with new ideas and new ways for us for share in the spirit of music made by many, as one.

With the input of many directors, adjudicators and advisors, the USBands team will be announcing various new band-friendly policies and guidelines for individual programs. These policies will allow programs to act in their best interest, provide for the safety of the students, staff and parents as well as adhere to federal, state, municipal, school district and individual school criteria for the coming fall.

The first of these announcements is the adoption of the all-new “USBands Performance Class” for bands in the 2020-2021 school year. USBands understands music programs will be impacted in many ways including fundraising, recruiting, rehearsal time and band camp.

01 May 2020

USBands remains committed to providing an outstanding marching season for all participants.  Our ability to provide multiple scenarios for bands in 2020 - 2021 is the mainstay of our organization.  All of what we do will be based on the guidance of health professionals, state leadership, and individual school districts. With those things in mind, the timeline remains fluid. 

As mentioned in our Director Connector session on April 8th, the USBands team wanted to provide a brief update on the status of the upcoming 2020 marching band season as of the beginning of May.

We are hoping to have guidance from state officials and local administrations by July 1st or August 1st at the very latest. This will allow us to proceed with the full schedule as planned, taking into consideration an expanded Performance Class.

USBands recently announced the Performance Class for bands in the 2020-2021 school year after receiving feedback from schools around the nation which have been impacted by lost fundraising, recruiting, rehearsal time, and potential band camp changes.


The Worldwide Day of Gratitude exceeded the wildest expectations of organizers in the YOUnison project.

Some quick highlights:

  • We reached more than 20 million people on social media (including 17 million just on April 30).
  • We reached another 30 million through the Sirius XM Singalong!
  • There were over 6,000 social media posts from around the world.

Thirty countries were involved including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, France, Georgia, Germany,  Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines,  Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey,  Uganda,  United Kingdom, and the United States.

This truly was a global event!

If you have not looked at any of the posts you can see the twitter feed here:

And you can visit to follow the conversation page to see all the social media posts:

We are all confronting one of the most extraordinary crises ever. Right now we may feel isolated, uncertain of the future, frustrated, or a host of other emotions. For now, educators like you are making extraordinary efforts to break down the walls of isolation and connect with students to continue their musical and personal growth. As adults - educators and parents - we can look ahead to when students again will come together to express themselves and enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow band members, immersed in following their passion for the marching arts. 

The fall marching band season seems distant now; the excitement and enthusiasm of stadiums filled with music, color, pageantry, and smiles seem a million miles away. While we realize nothing will ever be exactly the same, we must remind ourselves that this will end and WE WILL move forward.  After this darkness will come light; and with it the need and desire for arts and connection. There will be a new beginning. A new tomorrow. A raucous celebration of music and color flowing through the practice fields, band rooms, and football fields. USBands intends to stand strong to support the efforts of this work and provide the platforms for young people to engage and create new memories.


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